Hey, We’ve been expecting you!

So you want to make a difference to the lives of children with cancer, well you are in the right place. We are a group of humans committed to changing the lives of children with cancer and we are glad to have you on board, in the herd and in the paddock.

The Cows, Moo are they?

We are a group of people on a mission to make a difference to children with cancer and their families, one paddock at a time. Armed with the slogan “Love Living Life”, we use our lifestyle goals to raise money for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA.

The first rule you learn about The Cows is that there are no rules … that is other than having FUN for a good cause! You can swim, cycle, run, canoe, climb or whatever floats your boat as a Cow. If you would rather do something different, contact Daisy and she will craft a niche specially for you.

The 4 Easy Steps to Becoming a COW

We only have one rule…

You absolutely must sign up to our motto … Love Living Life!
There is no other way and no greater force for our herd than mooooving through life in this way

Do we hear a ‘mooooooooooo ……’


Decide you want to be a Cow – that’s the biggest step done!


Choose how you want to raise money – via a sporting event, or maybe there is something else that has more appeal to you.


Email Daisy and tell her you’d like to join the Herd.


We are passionate about making a difference to the lives of children with cancer and as part of CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa) we work together to make this a reality. The children and families affected by cancer are our greatest heroes and we owe it to them to FUNdraise and make their journeys just a little bit easier. So let’s get you started … click below to change your life!

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