How do I raise funds?

The words beg, borrow and steal come to mind…
Just kidding! There are many legitimate and friendlier ways to collect some dosh. Here are a few ideas

Participate in a sports event as a Cow

Pick an event – any event – and harass everyone you know for donations in support of your quest to be a-moo-zing.

Tin Collections

Stand at a local shopping centre and rattle that tin. Or in your office. Or neighbourhood – in a Cow suit of course.

 Be a Couch Cow

Get donations by just being super-amoozing – you don’t HAVE to participate in a sporting event to be a Cow!

Accept dares in return for money

How many hotdogs can a Cow eat in 5 minutes? How many lengths can a Cow swim in a furry suit? The more outrageous the dare, the more money you’ll be sure to amass.

Get corporates involved

Get you corporate to donate – they are able to get tax exemptions and points towards their BEE scorecard. Use our Corporate Sponsors appeal to their warm-and-fuzzies.

Or get your corporate to sponsor an ice-cream bike at 94.7

Help at events in return for donations

Some event organisers are willing to pay Cows to help at their events. This can include:
• Water points
• Registration
• Marshalls
• Sweeps

Organize a social event

Get your friends, neighbors or work colleagues together and organize a
• Spinathon
• Tea Party
• Fashion Show
• Car Boot Sale
• Movie
• Concert
• Musical Evening
• Pub Quiz Night
• Wine/Beer/Whiskey/Cheese Tasting
• Or whatever outrageous event you can come up with!
Daisy will support you with branding and merchandise.

Set up a GivenGain Project

Use our online donations portal, GiveNGain, and broadcast your project’s link far and wide, pestering your family, friends and colleagues to donate to your cause. See What is GivenGain? under our FACQ’s.

Check out the GivenGain Activists Fundraising Guide. for some more tips on Fundraising.


Find something – anything – and raffle it.

Sponsor Forms

Get friends to donate money per kilometer that you ride/run/swim. Or per hour that you dance/drink/eat. This sample Sponsor Form  will get you going.


Always remember to thank your donors so they keep coming back for more. See our sample Thank You letter here.