KimiTri and The Cows

What Is KimiTri?

KimiTri was started by Malcom Horn and Cameron Kiloh after the passing of Kim Kiloh from cancer. Malcom being Kim’s Fiancé and Cameron Being Kim’s brother, decided to complete an Ironman event in her honor. After a few discussions with some like minded people they decided to create a group of athletes to complete the event not only in honor of Kim but to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients in need of assistance. This little idea grew and grew into the KimiTri brand of today that proudly has 14 Athletes competing in a multitude of events as well as an additional 18 non athlete members who assist in all the fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Our Vision

Our vision at KimiTri is diverse, to say the least. We aim to create an environment for regular day to day people that want to achieve extraordinary things personally as well as help and inspire others along the way. In doing so we use this platform to raise funds and awareness for charities.

KimiTri for You

As the title suggests this part of KimiTri is for you, for your health, for your fitness goals, for your aspirations on completing races or events that have always been on your “to do list”. Training and preparing for your first 100km cycle, your first half Marathon or even your first Ironman event can be extremely challenging and difficult when you are going it alone. You need access to coaching resources, nutrition guidance, training plans, training partners, recovery advice, services and the list goes on and on. All of this can be very daunting trying to manage and fund on your own. Our goal at KimiTri was to establish a core group of people with experience and expertise in all of these fields to provide the much-needed support and resources for our members, thereby helping all the members of KimiTri to achieve those goals and make the dream of crossing the finish line of an Ironman come true, or completing that 3 day stage race you have always dreamed of. What about that half marathon on your bucket list that seems so out of reach right now? At KimiTri we are all aspiring athletes and we all want to help every member achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

KimiTri for Good

In working to achieve our personal goals. We at KimiTri see a great opportunity to help others and really do some GOOD. We want to make a positive change in as many lives as we can. So how do we do this? Well, its simple…we don’t, YOU DO! As previously mentioned above being a member of KimiTri provides YOU with all the help and assistance you need to grow, as you grow and get better and more experienced, there will be more people that will benefit from your assistance and guidance or mentorship and so the cycle continues….. So we better the life of our members? Does it stop there? I hear you ask. Most certainly not!!! KimiTri will aim to bring on as many special event sponsors as possible to raise funds based on every event that our athletes take part in. By competing in that Ironman that you have always dreamed off, will raise funds from our sponsors that will be donated to charities. What could me more rewarding than overcoming mammoth physical tasks that you have always dreamed of and changing hundreds of lives in the process. Your small positive contribution to yourself and to others can change the world.

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