Cancelled Two Oceans does not stop CHOC runner from going the distance on Saturday

While the road running community ponders the Two Ocean Marathon that has been cancelled, one determined runners is planning to run the race at home on Saturday 11 April to fulfil his desire to raise money for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Alan Hardaker was due to run his first full Two Oceans Marathon, but like every other runner he has accepted the cancellation of the race due to the coronavirus lockdown.

He was just as excited to take on the marathon for the CHOC children, having had first hand experience of the impact on cancer on his family, so he was determined to resort to a viable Plan B, albeit a much tougher option.

Hardaker will run the same 58km distance, but on a 150 metre lap around his parents-in-laws property in Sandbaai, and has completed a number of preparation runs on the sandy track around their property.

“It is going to be quite some challenge as it comprises of a bit of sandy uneven sections, a nice little hill which will see me do almost the same elevation as the actual route,” said the 46 year old runner and financial advisor.

“I was keen to run to support CHOC and when the Two Oceans was cancelled I decided to look for another way to make this happen,” added the financial advisor, who is midway through completing the tough Seven Summits climbs as well.

“It will be mentally challenging, doing 350 or 400 laps around the property, but my fiancée and her family will be there cheering me on and manning a water table. I just have to make sure I don’t stop at the table on every lap!”

at the same time athletes locked down in their homes will be part of The Cows 12 Hours Lockdown Challenge, which requires then to do 30 minutes of exercise and make a R30 donation to the CHOC GivenGain account.

To make a contributions to Alan Hardaker’s run on Two Oceans day go to