The Cows reinvent ways to fundraise for CHOC during lockdown

As South Africa comes to terms with the impact of the national lockdown to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak, the sudden end of organised sporting events has forced the charity sporting body The Cows to think outside of the box to continue their fundraising for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Started just over a decade ago, The Cows use popular sporting events to generate millions of Rands every year that allows the foundation to run CHOC Houses close to major hospitals. These havens were established to support children undergoing cancer treatment and allow them to be close to their families.

With the Two Ocean marathon and Absa Cape Epic cancelled, and many more events either scrapped or indefinitely postponed, and with obedient citizens confined to their homes, the regular flow of income for CHOC through the fundraising activities of The Cows looked set to be adversely affected.

In the Western Cape Alan Hardaker has set up a unique running challenge to replace the cancelled Two Oceans marathon. On the day that the race was to have been run, Saturday 11 April, he will aim to cover the same 56km, on a 150 metre lap around his parents-in-laws property in Sandbaai.

“It is going to be quite some challenge as it comprises of a bit of sandy uneven sections, a nice little hill which will see me do almost the same elevation as the actual route,” said the 46 year old runner, who has first-hand experience of battling cancer with close members of his family.

“I was keen to run to support CHOC and when the Two Oceans was cancelled I decided to look for another way to make this happen,” added the financial advisor, who is midway through completing the tough Seven Summits climbs as well.

“It will be mentally challenging, doing 350 or 400 laps around the property, but my fiancée and her family will be there cheering me on and manning a water table. I just have to make sure I don’t stop at the table on every lap!”

Hardaker’s plan dovetails with the latest initiative from The Cows, and the launch of the Cows Conquering Corona campaign, which entails avid sportsmen and women taking on sporting challenges within their own homes for at least thirty minutes a day, and then challenging friends and colleagues to either make a donation or else compete, on the understanding that the loser makes a donation to the unique GivenGain account that has been set up.

“This is a pledge to all of our Cows. Even though there are no races at the moment for us to raise MOOla, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to keep up the FUNdraising! All our little superheroes still need our support,” said Jayde Fouche who operates as the national co-ordinator Daisy.

“Corona may have us in lockdown but the way we see it is that this is an opportunity to get creative and find new ways to keep positive and active,” she added.

With more and more supporters of The Cows taking part, they post videos of their challenges on social media to encourage others to do likewise, and keep the funding to CHOC alive during the lockdown.

To be part of The Cows Conquering Corona campaign on GivenGain, make a donation at  or contributions to Alan Hardaker’s run on Two Oceans day can be made at