Dali and Rachel Tambo want to grow Cape Town Cycle Tour Herd

In amongst the thousands of road cycling enthusiasts taking part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour this weekend will be media personality Dali Tambo and his wife Rachel, riding their tandem in the distinctive black-and-white colours of The Cows to raise awareness and funds for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

They a regulars on the start line of the Cape classic and have also added 94.7 medals to their cycling accomplishments, and they are encouraging riders of all abilities to join in the cause on the weekend.

“Whenever Rachel and I cycle we wear our Cow cycling outfits,” said Dali Tambo. “When people see two Cows on a tandem riding along the road we immediately create a spectacle. People stop us to chat and ask questions about our strange cycling attire.

“Firstly we are black and white, wearing black and white Cow lycra which many people see as a symbol of racial harmony and social cohesion. Rachel is a proud cowgirl and I am a proud cowboy!” he said.

The Tambos want to grow the numbers of The Cows herd taking part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

“Join the herd to help our children,” he implored. “We are only too ready to salute CHOC for the superb work they do in the support of childhood cancer.”

“Rachel gives huge kudos to The Cows as they were successful in getting me into lycra which she says is a huge triumph as prior to this I could be seen riding along the road in my normal clothes complete with Panama Hat blowing in the breeze!” he added.