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Headwear Apparel Sports Equipment
Beanies R100 Adults T-Shirts R190 Sports Towels R100
Buffs R100 Kids T-Shirts R150 Waterbottles – Plastic R50
Toddlers T-Shirts R150 Waterbottles – Metal R100
Footwear Super Cow Vests R100 UV Sleeves R100
Shoelaces R20 Rudy Project Helmets R600
Socks R60 Bags Rudy Project Sunglasses R1500
Flip Flops R50 Cooler Bags R100 Swimming Caps R100
Cosmetic Bags R100
Wrist Bands Pencil Cases R50
Wrist Bands – Adults R20 Drawstring Bags R50
Wrist Bands – Kids R20 Backpacks R800

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