Current Projects

The CHOC Lodge, Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, Durban
The CHOC Lodge, situated on the grounds of the Albert Luthuli Hospital, has 26 beds that provide daily accommodation for children and their caregiver whilst undergoing treatment for childhood cancer. The Cows shall assist with the costs of running the Lodge by sponsoring two rooms.

CHOC House, Saxonwold and Diepkloof
CHOC House Saxonwold provides accommodation for children receiving out-patient treatment at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and CHOC house Diepkloof is used for patients from the Baragwanath paediatric oncology wards. Without these homes away from home many patients opt to abandon treatment because of the great distances they need to travel. The houses are an essential part of the CHOC programme and The Cows shall fund running costs for both these houses in Gauteng.

Every year The Cows™ select a range of projects that give real meaning to the phrase‘supporting children with cancer’. Our donation is aligned with the requirements of CHOC as dictated by their business strategy. This year The Cows have selected a range of worthy projects for your donations to be used in a meaningful way.

Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Free State
Psychosocial support is imperative to the families and children affected by childhood cancer. CHOC currently employs five Social workers and 2 Social Auxillary workers, situated in the Paediatric Oncology treatment centers, who assist with all aspects of the illness from diagnoses onwards including palliative and bereavement support. Once again, The Cows will provide funding for the salaries of these professionals.

Western Cape and Namakwa Region
Due to the vast geographical area of the region, the increase in the number of beneficiaries, and the small amount of staff members employed by CHOC in the Western Cape there is a requirement for an additional staff member to service the entire area. The Cows will provide funding for the salary and costs of a new Programme Coordinator for the region.​

CHOC Kalahari
At the beginning of 2015, the position for a new programme office opened in the Kalahari covering the raising of awareness for Early Warning Signs of childhood cancer in the area and will ensure practical support such as the provision of food parcels for families travelling through Upington to Bloemfontein and Cape Town etc. The office requires a programme vehicle which The Cows will fund.

CHOC Pietermaritzburg
The CHOC House programme is an essential programme within CHOC and a tool that is used during the treatment journey for a family with a child fighting cancer or a life threatening blood disorder. The Cows will cover the costs of maintenance to the PMB House that includes: repairs to roof; painting of the house; repairs to driveway, fence and gate, and renovating bathrooms.

CHOC Pretoria
Situated in Gezina, Pretoria, the house is more than 60 years old and is in need of routine maintenance such as wiring and roof repairs. The Cows will fund the maintenance as well as the costs involved with running the house in 2016.

CHOC East London
The Cows will fund the costs involved in getting the roof repaired in East London.

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